29 March 2021,

You might request a Statement of Account, that will simplify each time re re payment had been last made. Physically i’d be inclined to pass through on your own ex’s address – it’s his mess, why should you protect him from this?

You might like to ask a debt adviser that will help you draw up money & spending sheet so you may pass that about the bank – which will probably show you’ll find nothing become gained from pursuing you.

Dear Sara and Debt Camel, you’ve got a wonderful website and many thanks for the data you’ve got generously shared. My question is the immediate following: We have just lately got a duplicate of my credit report and I also see an individual post of a defaulted debt that is assumed Hoist Portfolio 2 (presume debt collector agency) given that owner. Your debt from the file is though registered in the extremely old target where We have perhaps not been for three years or maybe more. Can they issue County Court page and simply just take me personally to court with that target? (meaning that i’d never ever have the page and so immediately get given by having a CCJ for perhaps not showing up to contest …….. when I will have not a way of once you understand when they just take us to court. )

Thank you Julie

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Ys, the creditor might get yourself a CCJ with your old target. It is possible to use for it become put aside when you have a defence with a fair possibility of success, this put aside application will definitely cost ВЈ255.

We went along to court over a financial obligation that was being chased by MKDP, it absolutely was unverified therefore the judge ruled in my own favor. Nonetheless, 2 yrs later on and debt that is several later and I also have always been still being pursued. We had written and told the initial one the facts,they never ever reacted and today we have simply exposed a 2nd letter from an alternative one and they’re the latest owners. Why did the ongoing business MKDP maybe not accept the courts decision.What should my page say.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

You’ll need some advice from somebody that may go through the information on the debt, the past instance, letters etc. You could confer with your regional people bright lending information, or phone National Debtline who will be good on every thing related to CCJs

I will be getting letters from CapQuest stating I owe them ВЈ6097 from a debt that is old HSBC. HSBC had put a standard on because of this financial obligation in 2010 which has now dropped off my credit file january. I became having to pay low repayments through a financial obligation management plan until 2013 then again stopped and also this could be the very very first We have actually learned about your debt?? If this financial obligation has recently had a standard upon it can CapQuest put a CCJ onto it? i’m nevertheless responsible for your debt? The final page reported We have fourteen days otherwise they are going to ‘consider’ court action…

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Then the creditor has 6 years – so until 2019 – to go to court for a CCJ if you were making payments until 2013. Your debt nevertheless exists as well as the fact this has fallen down your personal credit record does make any difference n’t to this – see for lots more details.

We have several earliest pens debts (over 11 yrs old) I stopped due to change in financial circumstances.Only one of these debts is still on my credit report (marked as account closed) and recently I have started getting a few letters from debt recovery agents that I was paying via debt management plan until about 2 years ago when. I’ve no intention of maybe perhaps not spending them but need to know just what the result to my credit score will be- can they reappear my credit score on and is it likely because of the chronilogical age of the debts that they can offer me personally a CCJ?

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

Your debt can’t reappear on your own credit history however if there clearly was a CCJ that may appear.

Them it is unlikely the debt collector would try for a CCJ, but not impossible if you start repaying. You’ve got been spending the debts until recently so that they won’t be statute barred. You might check with National Debtline whether you could have just about any defence up to a CCJ.

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